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Opportunities about Issue of Poverty in Management Education

Global Survey on the Students Views of the SDGs and Poverty in Management Education

The deadline for the PRME global survey has been extended until 30 September, which enables new cohorts of students to be included as well. In addition, the survey questionnaire is now available in 10 different languages at: 

Each and every response counts!  The The survey’s preliminary results will be presented at the 5th RME Research Conference in Cologne, Germany to be held on 12-13 November in conjunction with the 6th PRME Regional Chapter DACH Meeting (12 Nov.) and 8th International Conference on Sustainability and Responsibility (14-15 Nov.).

The Cologne Conference Opportunity

You can still submit your contribution to the 5th RME Research Conference on Leadership Development for Advancing the SDGS. The paper submission process has two steps: First, create an account. Second, submit your paper, extended abstract or work in progress.

Publishing Opportunity

The Special Issue of the International Journal of Management Education (IJME) related to the topic of the Conference in Cologne is still open for submissions.  You are kindly encouraged to submit to the Call for Contributions.

Student Engagement Opportunities

  • Student Video Competition: Student Voices on Responsible Management Education

Students are invited to take part in the video competition, "Student Voices on Responsible Management Education", which is another part of the 5th RMER Conference. Students, individually or in teams, are asked to submit a two-minute video that captures their views and ideas on "Responsible Management Education".  The winning videos will be honoured at a special awards ceremony in Cologne, will have their video distributed through social media, and will receive vouchers for Fair-Trade shops in their region. Detailed information about the contest, including tips for creating the video, can be found at The deadline for application/submission at is 10 September.

  • PhD Student Scholarship

Young PhD and other students below the age of 30, who are interested to be a part of the 8th International Conference on Sustainability & Responsibility, Cologne, Germany on 14-15 November, can apply for a scholarship by sending their best leadership story or explain why they are one of the “world´s young leader”. Applicant’s 600 word stories and their respective CVs and pictures should be sent to Anna Toennessen. Diverse backgrounds, mind sets, skills and nationalities will enrich the impact of this conference. 

  • 5th International Student Essay Competition on Leadership for Advancing the SDGs

Students have an opportunity to participate in the fifth essay contest on the SDGs, which is again co-sponsored by PRME Anti-poverty Working Group. The 2018 essay theme and topics on Leadership for Advancing the SDGs, along with submission details, can be found here. Competition results will be presented at the 5th RMER Conference in Cologne.

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