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2018 PRME Innovation Challenge

The PRME Innovation Challenge is a project of the PRME SDG Student Engagement platform led by the PRME Secretariat. It brings together students from Advanced PRME signatories to work with a leading global company to build business solutions addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other corporate social responsibility objectives. PRME’s strategic partner, Manitou Group (Manitou), has defined two real-life sustainable development challenges and would like to harness your creative energy to develop solutions. 

Overall, this program provides students from Advanced PRME schools an opportunity to gain insight into the process of corporate innovation while providing Manitou with an additional set of ideas to support their SDG solutions. This would enable students to put their knowledge into practice while contributing solutions to address the SDGs. Students will also gain exposure to a top-tier company and expand their professional and social network. A maximum of two student teams will be selected to work virtually with Manitou, with the possibility of site visits and in-person workshops if appropriate.

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